COVID-19 Response

 Latchkey Services are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 
Our goal is to make the grooming process as contactless as possible. 
1. Upon our arrival
  • We will text you to let you know we are at your house. 
  • Your pet only needs a collar. We will bring our own leash. 
  • Please wear a mask and be prepared to put our leash on your pet.
  • Once leashed, place pet on the floor (do not hand over to the groomer) so that the groomer can walk your pet to the trailer.
  • Cats must be crated and the groomer will get them from the front porch. 
2. During the groom
  • Please call us with any questions or concerns during the grooming process. 
  • If you must approach the trailer, knock on the door and we will open the window to speak to you. 
  • If you have multiple pets being groomed, we will text or call to let you know we are ready for the next pet (see the “upon our arrival” Instructions).
  • Please make us aware of how you will be paying (cash, card, or check).
3. After the groom
  • We will inform you that we have finished the groom and will take them back to the front door. 
  • If paying with a card, we will send an invoice via Square. Payments are due upon receipt.
  • If paying with cash or check, please have on a mask to protect the groomer during the transaction.
Our cleaning and sanitation procedures
  • We will clean with a vinegar solution and disinfect with Best Shot 256 between appointments
  • We will clean with a vinegar solution and disinfect with Triple Two at the end of each day
  • We will use the sanitation function on our Iv San Bernard Ozone Machine at the end of each day
  • We will use Starbrite Performacide Parvo Killer at the end of each week
Please fill out the Intake form below BEFORE your CONFIRMED appointment