How soon should I get my pet groomed?How often should I bring my pet be groomed?Why should my pet be groomed that often?What happens if my pet isn't used to being groomed?Should I brush my dog between visits?

What is the latchkey program?

The latchkey program is where you give us permission to enter your home when you're away so we can scoop up Fido, provide our grooming services, and return him safe and sound.

Will we provide services inside your home?

Absolutely not! All grooming services will be provided in the confines of our grooming trailer. This means no mess in your home. Yay!

How will you know that we are there to provide services?

You will receive a message from us upon arrival and at the start of services. You will then receive a message letting you know that your fur baby is back where they belong, your home is secure, and we are heading out.

Why should you trust us?

Well, we are strangers! That's why we require you to have an initial visit with us before we set up the latchkey services. We want you to get to know us so that you can trust us with not only your furry friend, but also with your home. Well that wasn't reassuring was it? Why should you really trust us? As former teachers, we had to go through an extensive background check and be fingerprinted in order to work with our previous school babies. You can rest assured that we are determined to provide the utmost professional services.

How will you pay?

After our services, you will receive an invoice from square. This will arrive via email or message. The amount on the invoice is due upon receipt.

How will we keep your keys and gate/garage/door/etc. codes safe and secure?

We will have a lockbox that is kept in our building. That means it will NOT travel with us day to day. Your keys and codes will not have your address or any personal information attached to them. We have come up with our own system to ensure your privacy.